Year End Praise Reports

          3 I will give you hidden treasures,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

Isaiah 45:3

December 18, 2011

Year End Report for One Way Out Ministries

Wow! Words cannot convey the amazing things God has done in One Way Out Ministries helping women out of the sex industry, jail or other life controlling issues including helping those rescued from human traficking this past year. We have truly seen the goodness, mercy and power of God Almighty! As we reflect on the year, we stand amazed that He lets us play a part in changing lives. He anoints us to be His hands extended to the women and girls who have been broken by this world; damaged in such a deep place that only God can touch them where it hurts, heal them and bring them to wholeness.

We have learned in our 15 years of experience, and as one of our girls has indicated in her enclosed testimony, healing and wholeness isn’t attained without support. Support in their day to day life, teaching the Word of God, meeting tangible needs and encouragement along the way. The outcome is living the life they were redeemed to live, glorifying God.

As we mentioned, this year has been amazing! As you know, the heart of One Way Out is our monthly outreach to the strip clubs. Every outreach we are told by at least one girl that she is so glad we came; that knowing someone cares for her was exactly what she needed. They are so surprised that we really love them: that we bring gifts and take time to talk with them. Some have left the business, some have called us for help, some have called for prayer, and some have called for guidance. The point is, when they are ready – they know where to come! God provided opportunities for Pastor Jeanie to speak throughout the year at various outreach events as well as retreats and conferences.

We’ve had 458 women in attendance through our Jail Jems weekly bible study. God loves His gems! Some women have gone on to other facilities to serve long term sentences. When they left Lee County jail, they left as missionaries ready to lead others to Christ! Can you handle more good news? We have just been asked by the Chaplain to hold event type programs every quarter IN THE JAIL!  This will give us opportunity to reach the women who haven’t attended our Saturday evening services. We can only imagine what God will do!

We recently changed the weekly discipleship class into a Life Support class. It was received well and about 30 women have attended. In addition, about 30 more women are mentored one on one. We stay busy about our Father’s Business!

God has done amazing things through Second Chance Upscale Resale as well. We have helped eleven ministries this year by donating household items, clothing, and furniture estimated over $31,000! One particular ministry received 350 bags of clothing for their homeless ministry throughout the year. Praise God!  In addition, we were able to help 51 individuals and families with household items, clothing, and furniture estimated at $6,308. It gets better! We have been able to feed multiple families (including meat) through our food pantry we recently started in partnership with We Care Outreach. God keeps providing and we keep giving! Who can out give God? No one!

There are a few weeks left before we move into 2012.  Will you pray about helping us finish 2011 well and get a good start to 2012? We can use your financial contributions, your prayers and your talents. According to The Free Dictionary (, Redeem is defined, “to recover ownership of by paying a specified sum” or “to set free; rescue or ransom.” Jesus Christ is THE REDEEMER, we are His laborers. Please ask God how you can help us reach and redeem His broken treasures. Together, we as the body of Christ can help them live the life Jesus paid for them to live.

If you would like to hep us, in all we do, please make a year end contribution on line at One Way Out Ministries

Thank you to all who have helped us in 2010 by giving and praying and showing your encouragement. Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!

Jeanie Turner


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