The Royal Treatment is a ministry designed by God Himself, even the Logo, even the name.

First let me preface this by saying. I don’t think I am smart enough to do all that God did in the beginning of this ministry. He gave me the heart for His…the Crown was about the first Royal Treatment which would be done in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the red light district September 2007. The crown actually represented the royalty of Europe (But also the Royalty of God. All the curly lines made it more feminine. The cross at the top is God at the Top of all we do. The purple of course represents the forgiveness that Jesus died on a cross for us for.

God put an amazing team together. The most amazing team that has ever been! (As far i can know) Image

On my goodness…I can’t tell you with words how amazing this team was. I was honored to be able to lead this team, but I knew who was leading. The team was (Bottom row R to L) Linda Dorcey, Ligia Barijas, Karen Douglas, Nancy Smith, Julie Faircloth, Gay McDonald, Michelle Meiser, Me, Katy Sheffer-Vicara now Weitzel, Robbie Saffell and last but not least Annette Scheel. This was the LOVE team.

Our Mission was to go to the Amsterdam Red light district and do The Royal Treatment Spa for women in sex industry there. Our Mission statement was to be a bridge of love between the girl and the missionary. We wanted to help build relationships for them. We knew we would be leaving. We took gifts, bought roses, chocolates, spa supplies, decorations, and we brought a plane full of Love.


Every one of those tea cups came from a personal collection from a woman in the United States with a note of love to a woman working in the sex industry in Amsterdam. That was amazing!


As we welcomed the women, things started to roll…tea and chocolate pastries not to mention served with the most gracious of smiles. We had with us many licensed cosmetologists. We did hair, manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. While we were giving their treatments the missionaries were spending time with them too.

The ministry we partnered with for the outreach was with the Cleft a YWAM organization and the missionary pictured below is my friend Edna Vallenilla. We loved partnering with Edna and also YWAM. Our ministry connection was Robby Bradford and Eva Van Wessem and her husband Sebastiaan for doing so much hard work for us ahead of time from Thousand Hills Church in Hilversum. (Fabulous Church by the way.)

Image  Image

Some of the women from the Thousand Hills Church we were blessed to get to know.  It was an amazing time.

One of the things we did not do was preach or talk about Jesus. We we prayed up and asked God to use us as instruments of love.

One of the women was getting her hair washed and she got up an ran out of the room and down the hall. Edna ran to see if she was ok.. she said she had never experienced that before and she asked experienced what? The woman answered …Love. The woman stayed the rest of the day, she received every treatment.

I know for myself, the thing that this trip helped me personally experienced was an amazing new dimension of love.

We have had other Royal Treatment Spa’s, one was even for 12 rescued human trafficked survivors. You might ask, why am I blogging about this today. Because yesterday was September 21 and on September 21 the day we were leaving Amsterdam there was a headline on the News Press there that said, The Mayor was closing 1/3 of the Red Light District it was being shut down. My heart jumped for joy. Progress in the oldest profession in the world that has changed its face.

Article below:

The Cleft YWAM is now The Lighthouse YWAM Amsterdam and they have changed their vision to help strictly women out of the sex industry, when they used to help more than just that specific targeted group.

Our ministry continues to help women out of the sex industry, including sex trafficking.

In God’s Crazy Love, Jeanie Turner’s Blog (C)

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