God is drawing them in…reaching them with His love…all in one week


Help me…Save me…

1. This story is amazing, as we were taking backpacks and gifts to the dancers in the adult night clubs, after we had an amazing outreach we were leaving this club for the second time, we brought extras at the request of the DJ for the night girls and we were heading out the door and we heard someone behind us…help me…save me…only her head and her arm reaching toward us was out the door. Our team looked at each other and hurried back inside together with the dancer. We sat on a sofa with her, we listened, i am so lost she said over and over, we prayed with her, we prayed for her and we exchange phone numbers, we are following through to see what is the next thing we can do to help her.

“I can’t do this! Can you help me?”

Story 2. I was on my way to Jail when the call came in. I had just finished working at the store all day. I had two appointments with two girls and then Jail ministry with my partner. Back to the call the woman was very shaken up. She said: “I can’t do this! Can you help me?” I wasn’t sure how urgent her situation was. I asked if she were in any danger? She said “Not at the moment but I could be.” I said “ I actually was on my way somewhere, so I will have to make other arrangements. Give me just a little bit and someone will be there. I worked things out and within the hour I picked her up and dealt with all that was at hand. She needed food so I fed her, she needed a safe place for the night and I can’t put a new woman at our house because she has to be drug tested and be clean. I got her a room at the Best Western (Because it is safe and clean) and in the morning I picked her took her to Second Chance and got her clothes, all she had were the clothes on her back. Since then we have drug tested here, helped her do a resume, partnered with probation on her plan. Housed her. Bought her some things she needed.

I need a way out!

Story 3.  Got a message from my web site: I need a way out! Met with her today… very sad sorry, mother of 8, stepmother of 4 more, addicted to heroin Lots and lots of issues… we have a call in for detox for her, we also helped with some clothes (that were stolen) Baby diapers, wipes, underwear and shoes for one of her children to start school. We have only just begun but we will be aiding her in her sobriety and one year in the One Way Out Program.

These are just the three new girls in the last week, we are also still helping 2 houses full of women and others who don’t live in our homes but are in our one year program.

Sales are down unfortunately at Second Chance…but it’s like that everywhere. We are doing our best and have cut back as much as we could. We could really use some help…

Could you please pray about helping financially?
You can pay safely online on Onewayout.org or
mail a check to 1413 Colonial Blvd, FM, FL 33907 or call with Credit Card 239-628-1774
Your contribution will go to partner to saving lives!!! Thank you so much from us all.

Donation OnLine (Securely)

You will be given credit, we are a 501 c 3 Non-Profit Charity as well as given credit in heaven.

In God’s Crazy Love, Jeanie Turner’s Blog (C)

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Just a woman with a heart to help the hurting. Just a woman Jesus saved for such a time as this, when there would be plenty of hurting.
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